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So you’ve set the wedding date, the wedding venue is booked and you are working your way through the endless list of things that need arranging, your wedding dress, suits, wedding invitations, order of service, wedding cake……… and of course…. a wedding photographer.

When choosing your wedding photographer there are things to consider so hopefully I can provide a little insight and help with your decision.

The wedding photography business (along with portrait photography) has seen a large increase in photographers over the last few years, resulting in a such a wide choice of wedding photographers so how should you make your decision? Well there are a few things to consider…


Wedding photography packages

Whats the deal? Be sure to check out whats included in the packages, are there any hidden costs? Most wedding photographers offer DVD only packages and album packages, as a rule of thumb I would advise considering an album package as they are extremely good value. What album is included? Albums vary wildly in quality, I put quality first and supply only the best albums available, I don’t believe in cutting corners on the final product. Make sure you ask about what album is supplied. Are there upgrades available after the wedding? You may want to add more pages so its important the option is there. Does the package include a DVD? Many still don’t so it’s worthwhile asking. If the wedding photography package includes a DVD are the images fully edited and at full resolution? In many cases the images supplied on DVD are not fully edited and restricted in resolution, meaning you can only print them so big, all my packages are supplied with a DVD of FULLY edited images and at FULL resolution, meaning every image is at its best and can be printed as small or large prints.

Does your wedding photography package include a pre-wedding session? The pre-wedding session gives you the chance to get to know your wedding photographer and vice-versa, I find these sessions really help my clients relax on their wedding day as they have already had their practice session and know how easy it is! You also get to choose an image from this session which I have printed and supplied on a signing mat for your guests to sign at the reception!


The Photographer

OK so you obviously need to like the photographers work, but most importantly you need to gel. You need to get on with them and feel comfortable, your photographer will be spending all day with you and your guests so you need to get on with them and feel comfortable and relaxed about them being there. The better the bond and relationship you have with your wedding photographer the better your wedding photos will be, so make sure you are comfortable together!

Is their style what you are looking for? Each photographer has a style, traditional and photo journalist being the main 2, I provide a mixture of both. I mix those candid magical moments with traditional, this way you still get to have your group shots, although to ensure this is not a drawn out part of the day for everybody I strongly recommend group shots should not exceed 10. Much of the day you won’t even know I’m there, but I am, in the background capturing those special moments!

Price is always a considering factor and it can be tempting to either choose a photographer by price or even have a family member step in and take on the challenge. But here’s the thing, this isn’t as easy as it may seem, it’s more, much more than having a good camera. A professional photographer will be able to handle all lighting conditions, whether harsh sunlight or those dark winter days, they will have PROFESSIONAL equipment and professional lenses and backup equipment along with all the required insurances. Not to mention what happens after the wedding, the editing process, album design and eye for detail. I use professional Nikon equipment, carry full back up gear and am fully insured. I have also been professionally trained in photo editing and use all the latest software.

How long will they stay? My full packages have no time limit, I neither want you or I to worry about time constraints, I will be there when you want me and I’ll be gone when you don’t. You have my services for the day 🙂

So some things for you to consider there when looking for a wedding photographer and I hope its of some help.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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