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Where do I start with this one? A few weeks ago I was at Leah and Tom’s very relaxed and incredibly fun wedding with a ‘Hilly BIlly’ twist!

Leah’s parents home was a perfect place to begin the day, its a great way to start with some of the details and some behind the scenes as everyone gets ready.

Leah and Tom tied the knot at St Peters Church, a beautiful ceremony amongst family and friends. The sun was beating down and knowing we would be in short supply of shade back at the farm we stayed for a short while afterwards for a few family group photos.

It was only a short journey back to Tewin Hill Farm and the newly weds took it in style in Tom’s Dodge Charger R/T! Absolutely stunning and immaculate inside and out, awesome car!!!

The Marquee was decked out beautifully and you had the Hilly Billy ‘shack’ bar, an American truck being used as a seating area and fontoon lights conecting it all together, just looked so cool! Although it was far from cool, it was blistering hot! Thankfully lots of drinks on tap 🙂 I broke down the photos in to short burst for Leah and Tom to make it easier in the heat too.

As the guests took their seats it was time for the wedding breakfast, quite a feast ahead of them too, I believe the donor Cow came from the farm? Looked great and each table had a designated carver! After the meal it was time for speeches, don’t know what to say here, other than it’s probably the most brutal best man speech I’ve ever heard! Both Tom and Leah had their heads in their hands! Tom having already been Ben’s best man could hardly get his own back either so Ben took full advantage!

England were playing too, there was the odd gathering as the gents tried to discreetly watch the game, the game given away by a few loud cheers!!

Later on guests were treated to ice cream, fresh pancakes and fresh fish and chips in the evening! Amazing food! Not to mention the tractor rides and donuts in the field in the Dodge Charger, it wasn’t as clean when I left thats for sure. Such a relaxed feel to it all with everyone having a great time 🙂 Have I mentioned they cut the cake with an axe??!!

I left as the drink was still flowing and the party I’m went on till early hours!

Weddings like Leah and Tom’s make my job as a wedding photographer a pleasure, really good fun and refreshing! Thanks for having me!

On with some photos, feel free to comment and share. If you are planning your wedding please do contact me for availability and pricing! Essex wedding photographer Matt Heath covers all weddings in Essex and Hertfordshire and beyond! Love farmers weddings and marquee weddings so get in touch and let me know what you are planning!